Do you tour alone?
Do you evict residents?
Do you walk units alone?
Do you conduct wellness checks?

Have you ever felt uneasy at work?
On-site Safety = Staying Connected
In general, working on-site is safe and routine. Unfortunately, veterans of the industry know that occasionally an incident occurs that breaks the peace.

The top reported issue: residents or guest of residents causing a stir in the office. Sadly, the list also includes the use of physical violence, weapons, and threats against on-site staff, as well as aggressive sexual behavior during tours.

These incidents do not happen daily, but when they do, on-sites need to be prepared. Just like the fire alarms at your community, hopefully you never need Apartment Guardian, but if you do, you're glad you took the time to be prepared.

What's your plan?
Why can't I just use my smartphone?
This is the most commonly asked question. There are three simple answers:

1) If you are in a dangerous situation, it takes too long to get a call off to 911 while maintaining possession of your phone.

2) 911 has difficulty locating cellphones in dense areas. Apartments are with few exceptions densely built.

3) If you lose possession of your phone and can't communicate to 911, operators do not know who you are, or that you are an on-site employee working alone.
Is it worth the risk to play it cheap? 
We provide Peace-of-Mind
Apartment Guardian offers a simple, cost effective way to give your on-site staff the safety they deserve. We are the industries largest safety technology company, active in 47 U.S. states as well as Canada. 

Set up a meeting with one of our associates today to learn how our safety technology works and how we can overnight improve employee safety and provide peace of mind.
There are no 'take backs' in life. 
You are worth it, don't cheap out on safety!
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